Effective HypnoTherapy Hello and welcome to my website, I'm delighted that you are considering HypnoTherapy, whether to stop smoking, to eliminate fears and phobias, to improve your performance (eg: sports, arts, exams, interviews, presentations) or to address infertility, increasing your chances of pregnancy, to turn your breech baby or to prepare for comfortable, easy HypnoBirth…. to name just a few examples. Everyone can benefit from HypnoTherapy, even if 'only' to build confidence and reduce stress levels and most problems can be alleviated and often resolved, quickly and easily. HypnoTherapy can bring about effective and lasting change, often increasing physical and mental well being in only a few sessions. It is a completely natural and safe method of healing that has been used for thousands of years. I am passionate about helping people improve their lives and therefore always teach clients self help techniques, or life skills, to use when they are on their own. I will tailor each session to your individual needs in a professional, gentle and comfortable manner, ensuring that you benefit a maximum from each session. I also run very popular HypnoBirthing classes, teaching couples how to achieve safe, easy and very comfortable (often described as painfree!) childbirth. HypnoFertility I have busy practices in Harley Street and south London and work closely with the Zita West Clinic in London W1 and at the Lister Hospital, London SW1. Please call me on 07963 046 456 for an informal, confidential chat if you would like to find out how HypnoTherapy can help you. kind regards, Kristin HypnoBirthing locations contact me