Powerful changes, both physical and mental, can occur after only a few sessions as you reduce stress levels, take control of your life and learn to focus on what is positive.

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I’m delighted you’re considering hypnotherapy, it’s such a highly effective and comfortable way to resolve issues, eliminate habits, address fertility, prepare for your baby, stop smoking, release fears, trauma and phobias, boost wellbeing and confidence … to simply improve your life.

Working with the subconscious is powerful, it’s where thoughts and responses can be transformed. When our mind is positive then our body will physically function at its optimum too. When your mind and body are in top shape then life is good!

Kristin Hayward

Effective HypnoTherapy

Sessions are a holistic mix of talking, therapy and techniques that are tailored to your individual situation with a bespoke approach. They are informal and comfortable, a safe space for you to make desired changes in your life.

In hypnosis you access the subconscious part of your mind where beliefs and auto responses are held. The subconscious doesn’t differentiate between fact and fiction so it’s possible to introduce positive suggestions and create new neurological pathways, connections and responses. Working in the subconscious is powerful, comfortable and safe, it feels similar to daydreaming. My sessions are interactive, discussing ideas and possible solutions together, if appropriate.

HypnoTherapy Services

HypnoTherapy is a positive and effective way of working on a wide range of issues, both emotional and physical, whether to eliminate the negative, or to enhance the positive.


HypnoTherapy is a comfortable, highly effective way of addressing a wide range of issues, both emotional and physical, eliminating negative thought patterns effectively and introducing positives, using therapeutic techniques whilst in hypnosis.

HypnoSkills and Workshops

Empower your team, your students and even your family with invaluable techniques for greater success, improved confidence and performance, and a positive mindset. Workshops are tailored to your requirements so that you can achieve your objectives and get the best possible outcomes.


Getting pregnant can be distressing and traumatic, with many issues to face including possible infertility, coming to terms with the situation, and anger and guilt. HypnoTherapy can create the positive mindset needed to embrace the journey calmly and confidently, with a higher chance of success.


Known as the most effective birth preparation, mums-to-be and couples learn highly effective techniques to relax deeply during labour to make birth safer, quicker and, many say, pain free. Effective for natural birth, C-sections, inductions and to turn a breech baby. The techniques provide wonderful postnatal support too.