Listening to your gentle wisdom and insights empowered me. I felt so confident and got the job! Many thanks for your support.


Achieve, succeed and enjoy

You’re far more likely to succeed and enjoy life if you’re relaxed, mentally prepared and feeling positive, whether in relationships, at work, for studies or perhaps undertaking new projects.

HypnoSkills is a combination of hypnosis and practical techniques, beneficial in any situation. Clients learn to use the visualisation and hypnosis techniques effectively to feel more confident, calmer and in control. Workshops include practical skills to change how a situation is experienced.

There’s no need to have a ‘problem’ to use hypnosis. Everyone can benefit from HypnoSkills and learn how to live their best life. Even top executives in the corporate world have insecurities or need to fine tune their presentation and interpersonal skills. In schools and colleges students use the techniques to improve exam performance and general wellbeing in their life. A strong, positive mindset is vital in all sports and performance and individuals use the techniques to improve life at home and at work.

HypnoSkills Workshops

I offer workshops to many different groups including schools, corporate companies, sports and arts … whatever your group, the participants will enjoy learning these new skills.

Workshops are tailored to your requirements, availability and budget. Individual sessions are also possible.

Please contact me to discuss the options.

I played better football and didn’t argue with my mum so much.