You helped our dream come true, our beautiful baby is finally here.


How HypnoFertility Works

If you, or someone you know, is receiving fertility treatment or perhaps just starting to investigate why they are not getting pregnant, you will know just how distressing and traumatic it can be. There are so many issues to face, the infertility and coming to terms with the situation, the anger and guilt towards partners, family or friends, juggling a demanding job with home life, and the strict time constraints of fertility tests and treatment, often not wanting others to know what you are going through.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, natural and safe therapy which, combined with various self help techniques, can help in many different ways. Positive suggestions and visualisations can be made to the subconscious mind that would be rejected at a conscious level. As the mind controls the body it is important to feel a connection with your body when trying to conceive.

Powerful changes, both physical and mental, can occur after only a few sessions as you reduce stress levels, take control of your life and learn to focus on what is positive. It is particularly beneficial for unexplained infertility and also increases the chances of successful IVF, or IUI treatment.

I have helped many couples undergoing fertility treatment, some who have successfully become pregnant, others who are still on their journey. Couples benefit in different ways but they all learn how to love life again, often with wonderful results.

Connecting my mind and body worked – we’re delighted to say we’re pregnant at last.

How HypnoTherapy can help you with fertility

  • Develop a positive attitude and connect to your body
  • Focus on the positive and put things into perspective – learn to enjoy life again
  • Learn various techniques for effective relaxation when alone, e.g. self hypnosis, guided visualisation, EFT tapping
  • Improve self esteem and confidence levels which are key to developing the positive attitude vital for conception and IVF to be successful
  • Reduce feelings of inadequacy or guilt linked to fertility problems, come to terms with and accept the current situation
  • Reinforce your belief in procedures that need to be undertaken during assessment and treatment … learn how to benefit a maximum from every stage of treatment
  • Reduce stress levels – this will have a positive effect on hormone levels
  • Use self help techniques to help reduce any nervousness and discomfort relating to clinical procedures
  • Learn how to cope with other people’s pregnancies and children
  • Eliminate feelings of anger and bitterness, directed at yourself and your partner, or maybe at your situation and the world in general
  • Benefit from continued support during treatment and possible pregnancy
  • Support and relaxation sessions while waiting for treatment or results
  • Support during a pregnancy which may be stressful and nerve racking